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1,4GROUP (Skyfall Biologicals, LLC) is a leading supplier of innovative dormancy and sprout inhibiting products for the potato storage industry.  We are a fast growing, family-friendly company with the aim to help the earth and all its inhabitants grow and thrive for many generations to come. 

World peace? No taxes? Eliminate world hunger? Well, we can’t do it all, but we are doing our part against world hunger by reducing food loss post-harvest.  Our biocontrol products are found naturally occurring in the potato, so we are simply borrowing nature’s own recipe.


Skyfall Biologicals provides safe, world-class manufacturing of its products. We provide customers with innovative products and process development. Safety is the essence of everything we do including people, products, and processes. Stewardship of the environment and surrounding community shall be at the forefront of all our operations.

Skyfall Biologicals Groundbreaking Ceremony

1,4GROUP (Skyfall Biologicals)
Employee Testimonials

1,4GROUP Employee
Great family atmosphere at 1,4GROUP! I love coming to work every day and contributing.
Brian Winn,
​​​​​​​Global Sales Director

The opportunities for growth are almost unlimited! I feel valued as an employee at 1,4GROUP.
1,4GROUP Employee
I have never worked for a company where everyone has the opportunity to personally know the owner and CEO.
Keelan O'Leary, Chemist
1,4GROUP sees value in achievements, hard work, and has given me the opportunity to prove myself as a professional, leader, and scientist.
1,4GROUP Employee
​​​​​​​Working for 1,4GROUP is like working for and with good family!
1,4GROUP Employee
We are provided the opportunity to continually learn and grow within the company without being trampled.
Di Williams, Accounts Receivable
1,4GROUP we are a growing team, loving what we do and caring about who we do it for!

Skyfall Biologicals' Is Breaking Ground and Building Up!

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Skyfall Biologicals, LLC: Helping to Feed the World from Louisiana
At 1,4GROUP (Skyfall Biologicals, LLC), we believe that sustainability is intrinsically linked with the concept of stewardship.  In the food production industry, the stewardship of chemicals and other tools involves using natural resources in such a way that allows for continual improvement, while protecting the delicate availability of those same resources.  By demonstrating responsibility in key areas, our aim is to help the earth and all of its inhabitants grow and thrive for many generations to come.  At 1,4GROUP (Skyfall Biologicals, LLC), we believe that food preservation is a noble industry, and as an integral part of our decision-making and operational processes, Skyfall Biologicals, LLC, practices sustainability by:
  • Helping farmers minimize the loss of produce grown, thus helping to eliminate world hunger by limiting the amount of food lost post-harvest
  • Offering the 1,4-DMN family of products that are found naturally occurring in the potato, as well in other plants and foods, resulting in a softer bio-pesticide classification
  • Operating a thriving Research and Development department that continually searches for innovative product solutions that minimize our environmental footprint
  • Working closely with suppliers and customers who also demonstrate a commitment to sustainable growth and a dedication to protecting the natural environment
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