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Construction of our facility is almost complete, now we’re ready for startup!

Skyfall Biologicals, LLC (1,4GROUP) is a leading supplier of innovative dormancy and sprout-inhibiting products for the potato storage industry.  Skyfall Biologicals is a fast-growing, family-friendly company with the aim to help the earth and all its inhabitants grow and thrive for many generations to come. 

Geismar Site Construction ​​​​​​​
More about the 1,4GROUP ​​​​​​​
Skyfall Biologicals has a great opportunity to be involved at the beginning of a world-class manufacturing facility at the greenfield site in Geismar. 

As a member of Skyfall Biologicals, you will be part of the startup and operation of a new small-scale development facility followed by the construction and startup of a new commercial-scale production facility. 

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Skyfall Biologicals, LLC: Helping to Feed the World from Louisiana

Skyfall Biologicals is breaking ground and building up!

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