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Sabre Industries
​​​​​​​Careers in Louisiana
Dedicated to fostering individual growth and industry-wide innovation.

What makes working at Sabre different?

We know dedication deserves compensation • We invest in your future • We take your health and wellness seriously • We understand you have a life ourside of work

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Commitment to our communities and our employees

We have a responsibility to the cities, towns and rural areas where we manufacture, deliver and service our utility and telecom structures. Our innovative infrastructure doesn’t come at the expense of environmental safety and health.

"Simply stated, leadership is the choice to subjugate one’s self interest for the benefit of others. Sabre Industries embraces this concept as the foundation of our collective success and position in the industries we serve. Our leadership pillars outlined below inform our actions and define our character in the eyes of our teammates, our customers, our communities and all other stakeholders we have the pleasure to serve: (1) Commitment to Serve; (2) Courage to Change; (3) Conviction to Act; and (4) Confidence to Own the Outcome."

- Jim Ruddy, CEO

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Culture Rests on Three Pillars

We care deeply about making our company a safe, nurturing environment where employees can thrive and advance in their careers..
We stay curious — constantly looking for opportunities to challenge the status quo and move the industries we serve forward through a process of continuous improvement.

We always welcome the chance to compete and reassert our status as leaders in our field and are eager to learn, evolve and implement the products of our research and innovation.


With consistent hiring opportunities and countless career levels and specialities, chances are the next big step on your career path starts here.