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Laitram Careers in Louisiana

Join a vibrant, innovative company with an intense commitment to integrity.

Committed to our employees

Laitram has an intense commitment to integrity, teamwork, continuous improvement, self-management, and developing the potential of each employee. Laitram is a global manufacturing leader across multiple industries, with nearly 4,000 employees, over 1,300 actively held patents, and 11 locations worldwide.


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Continuous improvement wins

Our philosophy is based on continuous improvement. It’s an idea that challenges individuals, teams, and the company to be the best at what we do. We believe self-managed people working together to continuously improve are our greatest resource. When this happens, the employee wins, the company wins, and our customer wins.

Employee total compensation

The Laitram benefits program is a major part of our employees’ total compensation from the company. Its features and offerings are designed to protect our employees and their families' health  physical, emotional, and financial  so that they enjoy the greatest benefit of all, which is peace of mind.

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