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Hubig's Pies
Careers in Louisiana
Help bring New Orleans-style pies to the world with Hubig's.

Providing a New Orleans tradition to the world

When people eat a Hubig’s Pie, they know that not only are they enjoying quality fruit-filled pies, they are also communing with their regional ancestors by taking part in the rich, readily available Hubig’s Pies’ tradition.

Hubig’s is committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations at competitive prices. We utilize qualified, trained personnel, the latest technology, and adherence to strict procedures and practices to accomplish this.

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Job Opportunities with Hubig's Pies
For more information on job opportunities with Hubig's Pies, visit their career page linked below. 
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Competence, professionalism, and experience 

Hubig’s cultivates an environment that is appropriate and rewarding for both the employees and the company. We practice our craft with competence, professionalism, and experience. We hope that you too will take pride and joy in preparing excellent confections for our customers to enjoy.

Hubig's Pies

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