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General Informatics Careers in Louisiana
Build a career with one of the leading IT partners of businesses, schools, and government agencies.

Our clients are our mission

 The General Informatics team works with clients to achieve strategic goals & fuel growth through the best use of technology. As a result, our clients see higher productivity, streamlined IT budgets, and exponential growth. In the last 20 years, General Informatics has set up over 500 business networks and continue to provide IT management and support to 100s of businesses and government organizations across Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

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The forefront of technology in the heart of Louisiana


Pursue technology without leaving Baton Rouge

General Informatics, a leading technology provider for businesses, governments, and schools, is looking for exceptional talent to join their team. The Baton Rouge-based technology firm and innovation leader seeks new and experienced IT professionals and software developers who have a knack for problem-solving and a passion for technology.

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