Delta Biofuel Careers in Louisiana

Transforming Bagasse into Sustainable Carbon Solutions

Delta Biofuel was established to drive renewable and sustainable energy solutions, specifically addressing the bagasse issue faced by our sugar mill partners. Delta Biofuel is opening a facility in Iberia Parish to generate a substantial supply of biofuel pellets and other biocarbon products. Delta Biofuel is looking for a team of skilled and experienced renewable energy professionals and engineers, to ensure efficient and reliable execution for its sugar mill partners and energy customers.

Delta Biofuel in the News
Delta Biofuel Announces $100 Million Final Investment Decision for
Renewable Fuel Facility in Jeanerette
What is bagasse?
Bagasse, the residual waste from sugar cane, presents a significant environmental challenge for sugar growers and contributes to climate issues. When bagasse is left to decompose in large quantities, it emits methane, a potent greenhouse gas. To address this problem, Delta Biofuel is actively converting this liability into a sustainable energy and carbon sequestration solution. Its inaugural facility in Jeanerette, La, focuses on transforming bagasse into long-term renewable energy while effectively mitigating carbon emissions.
Stay Informed.
Delta Biofuel is expecting to hire 100+ candidates to fill their various positions including plant engineer, HS&E manager, controller and process operators for their plant in Jeanerette, La. While it is currently working on the construction and operations, hiring has begun.

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