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Chalmette Refining Careers in Louisiana
Build your career in the exciting field of renewable diesel.
We’re looking for results-focused people with the initiative to join our team. Fulfill your career potential while shaping the future of Chalmette Refining, an independent refiner, and manufacturer of petroleum products. Come work with us as a key member of a “next generation” energy company’s team.

To invest in the next generation of fuels, Chalmette Refining is retrofitting an out-of-service operating unit known as a hydrocracker with new technology to produce renewable diesel. This new Renewable Diesel Unit is creating exciting opportunities for job seekers in Louisiana beyond the traditional oil and gas industry.

Chalmette Refinery is also in the process of constructing of pretreatment unit that will allow the creation of non-fossil feedstocks from soybean oil, corn oil and other biogenically derived fats and oils.

Hiring has begun to be a part of the Renewable Diesel Unit and will begin soon for the Pre-Treatment Unit.

Renewable Diesel is a biomass-derived transportation fuel suitable for use in diesel engines.

Renewable diesel is a hydrocarbon and is generally indistinguishable from petroleum diesel and can be used as a direct substitute.

• Other names for renewable diesel (RD) include: Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and advanced biofuel.

• Made primarily from waste and residues, feedstocks include recycled animal fats, used cooking oil, grease, and vegetable oil.

• Production begins with removing impurities from the raw materials, then hydrotreating at a high temperature. The outcome is a colorless and odorless fuel of an even quality that is identical to fossil fuel diesel.

Benefits of Renewable Diesel

• Can be used in existing diesel engines.

• Does not contain oxygen, so there are no cold weather, water attraction, or storage challenges.

• Cleaner-burning, low carbon dioxide fuel that contains no impurities, and produces no odor.

Our team-based culture welcomes diverse perspectives, experiences, and authenticity. We provide the foundation for continuous learning and growth.

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