Boise Cascade Careers in Louisiana
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Boise Cascade Wood Products is currently expanding and modernizing key machine centers at its Oakdale facility in Allen Parish. Being part of the Boise Cascade team means more than just a job; it entails a commitment to assisting both customers and the company in achieving success.

Boise Cascade provides career opportunities for individuals both now and in the future. It stands as one of the largest manufacturers of plywood and engineered wood products across North America and serves as the sole wholesale stocking distributor for building products capable of catering to the entirety of the United States. The company offers a diverse array of entry-level positions tailored for newcomers to the job market, as well as advanced career paths suitable for experienced professionals seeking fresh prospects.

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Build Your Career with Boise Cascade

From manufacturing high-quality products and delivering them to customers on time, to working diligently to ensure everyone makes it home safely at the end of the day, it is the employees who truly make the difference
at Boise Cascade Wood Products.
Boise Cascade recognizes that its success hinges on strong relationships, making its workforce vital. This commitment is evident in the company's investment in employees through its comprehensive benefits package, known as Total Rewards. This package encompasses competitive pay, health benefits (medical, dental, vision), financial security (retirement, insurance), and well-being perks (paid time off, wellness programs), among other offerings.
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