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The history of BENTELER has a modest beginning that goes back to a small ironware shop founded in 1876. Since then BENTELER has grown to become a global player with its divisions Automotive and Steel/tube as well as an employer of thousands of committed individuals worldwide. We are a family-owned business now in its fourth generation and can look back on a rich history of success thanks to the ambitious, entrepreneurially minded people who have been dedicated to forging new pathways.

We truly believe our employees are at the heart of our company's success. This is why when you join BENTELER, you become a member of a true industry force that is committed to your professional future. We will match your commitment every step of the way with compelling challenges, opportunities to learn and the chance to pursue your real passion. Take a moment to get to know us and discover a world of opportunity that will reinforce your career long-term.

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BENTELER Shreveport Pledge

I will provide a safe environment for myself, my team members and others.

I will treat everyone with respect, lead from where I am and keep my commitments.

I will openly communicate and if I need to know I will seek answers.

I will take ownership, be part of the solution and not let failures define me.



Curiously seeking out new paths and taking decisions autonomously

Striving for excellence every day

​​​​​​​Appreciative collaboration and direct communication

We make it happen


Paulo Figueira

Brazil, South Africa, USA: These are Paulo Figueira's previous stops on his journey at BENTELER. Today, he heads the Human Resources department and the BENTELER Academy at our Steel/Tube Division’s Shreveport plant. "What do I like most at BENTELER? Having a positive impact on the employees' day. By listening to them and understanding their expectations and challenges. Because they are our most important asset."

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